What else.

A longing that needs to be fulfilled but no opportunity to do so leaves me in despair.
Searching for ways to let the world know what I feel without using words, for words are lost as if they are soaked in by a massive black hole relaxing in the most nearby galaxy of my dreams.
Strolling through the nightly streets, strange encounters and rays of lighting by lantern poles to make sure no hidden creatures can surprise me while I wander.
Some could say I’m lost, but don’t make the mistake to think I don’t know where I’m going.
I’ve envisioned my destination a dozen times and then some dozen times more.
Let me be the negativity in your life so you can be the positivity that lifts you up when there is need to.
There is no greater force in play than your own power to uplift the soul so don’t ever judge your ability to do so.
Overcome, learn and teach.

But above all, accept me.